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Kazuhito Yamashita
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Little Girls’ Beautiful Lives

for two guitars

composed by Keiko FUJIIE (2003-5)

Morning with Roosters

 Floating Paper Boats on the River

 Bicycling to the Wizard's Wood

 Raindrops Recolour the Landscape

 Fireworks in a Starry Sky

 Birds Peck-Pecking on Branche

 An Annamese Bowl with Leisurely Goldfish

 A Sad Melody at Twilight

Daughter of the Mountain 

 Children Chasing Birds

 New Year's Eve in Far-off Land

 Lullaby of the Waves

Koyumi + Kazuhito YAMASHITA (guitar duo)

released 2007.5.25


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for guitar quartet

composed by Keiko FUJIIE (2004-6)







Kazuhito YAMASHITA + bambini ( guitar quartet )

released 2007.6.25


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Little Henny-Penny

music & text by Keiko FUJIIE

Little Henny-Penny 2008 version’

vocal:Kanahi, Namifu

guitar: Kazuhito YAMASHITA + bambini

1 Prelude

2 Part 1

3 Interlude

4 Part 2

Little Henny-Penny 2005 version’

vocal:Kanahi, Namifu, Terukaku

guitar: Kazuhito YAMASHITA + bambini

5 Part 1

6 Part 2

7 A Distant Traveler

Koyumi (vocal) & Kazuhito YAMASHITA (guitar)

released 2008.3.25


Other recordings of Kazuhito Yamashita

 (track 1,2,3,4 & 7 only)


Koyumi & Kazuhito Yamashita Guitar Duo

L’Encouragement Op. 34 (F.Sor)

Divertissement Op. 38 (F.Sor)

Intermezzo from “Goyescas” (E.Granados/arr. Yamashita)

Adeus, Bela Morena! from "Cirandinhas" (H.Villa-Lobos / arr. I.Sávio)

Carneirinho, Carneirão... from “Cirandinhas" (H.Villa-Lobos / arr. I.Sávio)

Concerto for 2 Mandolins in G major, RV 532: Andante (A.Vivaldi / arr. Yamashita)

Danza Española No.1 from "La vida breve” (M. de Falla / arr. Yamashita)

Andante Op.24-2 (Leonhard von Call)

Sonata a dos Guitarras (Anónimo)

Etude Op.35-22 (F.Sor ~ D.Fortea)

Rotational Symmetry (Daragh Black Hynes)

                                                                                 released 2017.4.21 [brinrinri/KYBR-1701]


Koyumi Guitar Solo

Prelude, BWV999 (Bach)

Endecha y Oremus (Tárrega)

Variations on A Scottish Theme Op.40 (Sor)

Etude Op.35-22 (Sor)

Chaconne, BWV 1004 (Bach)

Norteña (Crespo)

Francisco Goya y Lucientes, pintor from '24 Caprichos de Goya’ (C-Tedesco)

No hubo remedio from '24 Caprichos de Goya'(C-Tedesco)

La Lune Calme de L'automne op.17-4 (Jiro Nakano)

Bourrée, BWV1009 (Bach)

Preludio from "Suite Compostelana” (Mompou)

Sarabande HWV 437 (Händel)

Sarabande HWV 354 (Händel)

Variaciones sobre un tema de A. Cabezon (Ponce)

released 2017.5.30  [brinrinri/KYBR-1702]


Kazuihto Yamashita Plays Fernando Sor  (rec.2009)

Introduction et Variations sur L'air: Gentil Housard, Op. 27

Divertimentos, Op. 2-2

Etude Op. 6-12, p. 29-13, Op. 29-20, Op. 29-18,

Op. 35-20, Op. 35-22, Op. 31-23

Introduction et Variations sur L'air:Malbroug, Op. 28

Le Calme Op. 50


released 2011.1.12

Fernando Sor Etudes Anthology Vol.1

30 Selected Pieces from Op.6, 29, 31 and 35

[brinrinri/KYBR-1703]     released 2017.11.30

  Fernando Sor Etudes Anthology Vol.2

24 Petites Pièces Progressives, Op.44

[brinrinri/KYBR-1704]     released 2017.11.30

  Fernando Sor Etudes Anthology Vol.3

Introduction à l'étude de la guitare, Op.60

[brinrinri/KYBR-1705]     released 2017.11.30

  Fernando Sor Etudes Anthology Vol.4

31 Selected Pieces from Op.6, 29, 31 and 35

[brinrinri/KYBR-1902]     released 2019.2.7

  Fernando Sor : Trois Pieces de Société, Op.33, Six Divertimentos, Op.1&2

[brinrinri/KYBR-1901]     released 2019.1.25


Antonín Dvořák

Symphony No.9

From the New World

arranged for guitar solo by

Kazuhito Yamashita

   1. Adagio – Allegro molto

    2. Largo

    3. Scherzo: Molto vivace

    4. Allegro con fuoco

  Recorded 1987 [brinrinri / KYBR-1801]  

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